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#SelfLovingYogis Instagram Challenge

Hey everyone! There will be another round of the#SelfLovingYogis Challenge June 8th - 21st! Most of these challenges have been random poses that I've chosen for myself, but this time around I am personally focusing on heart openers/backbends. My backbends haven't been as deep and I want to focus more on them in this challenge. They're not going to immediately get super deep, but it's good to focus on them for awhile. As well as making sure to open up the heart physically and mentally. 

There will be 2 options for the daily pose. OPTION 1 You can either do the daily backbend/heart opener pose that I am doing that day or OPTION 2 You can choose to do your own backbend/heart opener pose of the day. 

How to participate:
1. Take a photo of yourself in option 1 or 2 of the daily yoga pose, and answer the daily question.
2. Tag #SelfLovingYogis so I can see all you lovely people. (Profile should be public so I can see.)
3. Tag myself @biggalyoga and the Sponsors TBA

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