Big Gal Yoga: Poses and Practices to Celebrate Your Body and Empower Your Life

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Social media star Valerie Sagun is a powerful voice in the body positive movement. With more than 100,000 avid followers on Instagram and a constant stream of highly engaged traffic on her website, fans adore Valerie for her fearless acceptance of her beautiful body, her encouragement of self-love, and her phenomenal yoga skills.

Valerie, her yoga practice, and her body positive campaign have been featured in People, Glamour, Marie Claire, Buzzfeed, Redbook, and more, where she's been celebrated for her exciting messages about self-acceptance-both on the mat and off. 

Now, in this complete guide, Valerie provides both inspiration and customized instructions for yogis of all sizes and shapes, along with passionate encouragement to help readers discover newfound confidence through the transformative power of yoga.

“The plus-size yogi who’s taking the yoga world by storm.”

“Our new favorite yogi.”
Refinery 29


“[Valerie] will have you digging out your yoga mat before you can say ‘downward-dog.’
Marie Claire


“Inspiring . . . [Valerie] is showing the world that anyone can be a yogi if they put their minds to it.”


“[Valerie] is an avid body-confidence enthusiast, an inspirational yogi with impressive poses and the best yoga pants. But more importantly, she is sharing a very important message: People should love themselves no matter what.” 
Sofia Vergara


“This curvy yogi is the most inspiring human you’ll see all day.”


Isn't it inspiring to see someone tackle her goals, and share her progress so that other women can be motivated to get out there do the same thing? We sure think so.”